[ClusterLabs] Interface confusion

Adam Budziński budzinski.adam at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 07:32:37 EDT 2019

Hello Folks,

Tow node active/passive VMware VM cluster.

/etc/hosts    srv1    srv2    srv2cr1    srv2cr2    srv1cr1    srv1cr2

I have 3 NIC’s on each VM:    srv1  and    srv2 are networks used to access
the VM’s via SSH or any resource directly if not via a VIP.

Everything with cr in its name is used for corosync communication, so
basically I have two rings (this are two no routable networks just for

My questions are:

1.     With ‘pcs cluster auth’ which interface / interfaces should I use ?

2.     With ‘pcs cluster setup –name’ I would use the corosync interfaces
e.g. ‘pcs cluster setup –name MyCluster srv1cr1,srv1cr2 srv2cr1,srv2cr2’
right ?

3.     With fence_vmware_soap inpcmk_host_map="X:VM_C;X:VM:OTRS_D" which
interface should replace X ?

Thank you!
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