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Lopez, Francisco Javier [Global IT] franciscojavier.lopez at solera.com
Wed Mar 13 05:56:14 EDT 2019

Hello guys !

I'm dealing since some time ago with this configuration:

- Two node cluster.
- Vmware boxes.
- PostgreSql release 10.X: Master/Slave.

On top of this I've set up Pacemaker/Corosync and RA/PAF.

Now it's time to play with different fencing scenarios.
I'd like to know from more experienced people about this. Based on the configuration I have (or similar)
perhaps some of you can tell me, based on your experience, what kind of fencing sounds more appropriate,
either node or resource level and based on what.

Any quick reference would help me a lot.

I reviewed the threads and did not find any specific to this. I'd like to have this information to better
understand what agents to install and manage.

Thank you

Francisco Javier​               Lopez

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