[ClusterLabs] About the Pacemaker

T. Ladd Omar mwang911 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 09:06:42 EDT 2018

Hi all, I send this message to get some answers for my questions about
1. In order to cleanup start-failed resources automatically, I add
failure-timeout attribute for resources, however, the common way to trigger
the recovery is by cluster-recheck whose interval is 15min by default. I
wonder how lower value could I set for the cluster-recheck-interval. I had
to let the failed resources recover somewhat quickly while little impact
taken by the more frequent cluster-recheck.
Or, is there another way to automatically cleanup start-failed resources ?
2. Is Pacemaker suitable for the Master-Slave model HA ? I had some
productive problems when I use Pacemaker. If only one resource stopped on
one node, should I failover all this node for the whole cluster? If not,
the transactions from the ports on this node may fail for this failure. If
yes, it seems to be big action for just one resource failure.
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