[ClusterLabs] pcs 0.10.1 released

Tomas Jelinek tojeline at redhat.com
Mon Nov 26 11:26:30 EST 2018

I am happy to announce the latest release of pcs, version 0.10.1.

Source code is available at:

This is the first final release of the pcs-0.10 branch.
Pcs-0.10 is the new main pcs branch supporting Corosync 3.x and
Pacemaker 2.x clusters while dropping support for older Corosync and
Pacemaker versions. Pcs-0.9, being in maintenance mode, continues to
support Corosync 1.x/2.x and Pacemaker 1.x clusters.

Main changes compared to 0.9 branch:
* Corosync 3.x and Kronosnet is supported while Corosync 2.x and older
   as well as CMAN are not
* Node names are now fully supported
* Pacemaker 2.x is supported while Pacemaker 1.x is not
* Promotable clone resources replaced master resources; creating master
   resources is no longer possible but managing existing master resources
   is supported
* Options starting with '-' and '--' are no longer accepted by commands
   for which those options have no effect
* Obsoleting parameters of resource and fence agents are now supported
   and preferred over deprecated parameters
* Several deprecated and / or undocumented pcs commands / options have
   been removed
* Python 3.6+ and Ruby 2.2+ is now required

Complete change log for this release against 0.9.163:
## [0.10.1] - 2018-11-23

### Removed
- Pcs-0.10 removes support for CMAN, Corosync 1.x, Corosync 2.x and
   Pacemaker 1.x based clusters. For managing those clusters use
- Pcs-0.10 requires Python 3.6 and Ruby 2.2, support for older Python
   and Ruby versions has been removed.
- `pcs resource failcount reset` command has been removed as `pcs
   resource cleanup` is doing exactly the same job. ([rhbz#1427273])
- Deprecated commands `pcs cluster remote-node add | remove` have been
   removed as they were replaced with `pcs cluster node add-guest |
- Ability to create master resources has been removed as they are
   deprecated in Pacemaker 2.x ([rhbz#1542288])
   - Instead of `pcs resource create ... master` use `pcs resource create
     ... promotable` or `pcs resource create ... clone promotable=true`
   - Instead of `pcs resource master` use `pcs resource promotable` or
     `pcs resource clone ... promotable=true`
- Deprecated --clone option from `pcs resource create` command
- Ability to manage node attributes with `pcs property set|unset|show`
   commands (using `--node` option). The same functionality is still
   available using `pcs node attribute` command.
- Undocumented version of the `pcs constraint colocation add` command,
   its syntax was `pcs constraint colocation add <source resource id>
   <target resource id> [score] [options]`
- Deprecated commands `pcs cluster standby | unstandby`, use `pcs node
   standby | unstandby` instead
- Deprecated command `pcs cluster quorum unblock` which was replaced by
   `pcs quorum unblock`
- Subcommand `pcs status groups` as it was not showing a cluster status
   but cluster configuration. The same functionality is still available
   using command `pcs resource group list`
- Undocumented command `pcs acl target`, use `pcs acl user` instead

### Added
- Validation for an unaccessible resource inside a bundle
- Options to filter failures by an operation and its interval in `pcs
   resource cleanup` and `pcs resource failcount show` commands
- Commands for listing and testing watchdog devices ([rhbz#1578891])
- Commands for creating promotable clone resources `pcs resource
   promotable` and `pcs resource create ... promotable` ([rhbz#1542288])
- `pcs resource update` and `pcs resource meta` commands change master
   resources to promotable clone resources because master resources are
   deprecated in Pacemaker 2.x ([rhbz#1542288])
- Support for the `promoted-max` bundle option replacing the `masters`
   option in Pacemaker 2.x ([rhbz#1542288])
- Support for OP_NO_RENEGOTIATION option when OpenSSL supports it
   (even with Python 3.6) ([rhbz#1566430])
- Support for container types `rkt` and `podman` into bundle commands
- Support for promotable clone resources in pcsd and web UI
- Obsoleting parameters of resource and fence agents are now supported
   and preferred over deprecated parameters ([rhbz#1436217])
- `pcs status` now shows failed and pending fencing actions and `pcs
   status --full` shows the whole fencing history. Pacemaker supporting
   fencing history is required. ([rhbz#1615891])
- `pcs stonith history` commands for displaying, synchronizing and
   cleaning up fencing history. Pacemaker supporting fencing history is
   required. ([rhbz#1620190])
- Validation of node existence in a cluster when creating location
   constraints ([rhbz#1553718])
- Command `pcs client local-auth` for authentication of pcs client
   against local pcsd. This is required when a non-root user wants to
   execute a command which requires root permissions (e.g. `pcs cluster
   start`). ([rhbz#1554302])
- Command `pcs resource group list` which has the same functionality as
   removed command `pcs resource show --groups`

### Fixed
- Fixed encoding of the CIB_user_groups cookie in communication
   between nodes.
- `pcs cluster cib-push diff-against=` does not consider an empty diff
   as an error ([ghpull#166])
- `pcs cluster cib-push diff-against=` exits gracefully with an error
   message if crm_feature_set < 3.0.9 ([rhbz#1488044])
- `pcs resource update` does not create an empty meta_attributes
   element any more ([rhbz#1568353])
- `pcs resource debug-*` commands provide debug messages even with
   pacemaker-1.1.18 and newer ([rhbz#1574898])
- Improve `pcs quorum device add` usage and man page ([rhbz#1476862])
- Removing resources using web UI when the operation takes longer than
   expected ([rhbz#1579911])
- Removing a cluster node no longer leaves the node in the CIB and
   therefore cluster status even if the removal is run on the node which
   is being removed ([rhbz#1595829])
- Possible race condition causing an HTTP 408 error when sending larger
   files via pcs ([rhbz#1600169])
- Configuring QDevice works even if NSS with the new db format
   (cert9.db, key4.db, pkcs11.txt) is used ([rhbz#1596721])
- Options starting with '-' and '--' are no longer accepted by commands
   for which those options have no effect ([rhbz#1533866])
- When a user makes an error in a pcs command, usage for that specific
   command is printed instead of printing the whole usage
- Show more user friendly error message when testing watchdog device and
   multiple devices are present ([rhbz#1578891])
- Do not distinguish between supported and unsupported watchdog devices
   as SBD cannot reliably provide such information ([rhbz#1578891])
- `pcs config` no longer crashes when `crm_mon` prints something to
   stderr ([rhbz#1578955])
- `pcs resource bundle update` cmd for bundles which are using
   unsupported container backend ([rhbz#1619620])
- Do not crash if unable to load SSL certificate or key, log errors and
   exit gracefully instead ([rhbz#1638852])
- Fixed several issues in parsing `pcs constraint colocation add`
- All `remove` subcommands now have `delete` aliases and vice versa.
   Previously, only some of them did and it was mostly undocumented.
- The `pcs acl role delete` command no longer deletes ACL users and
   groups with no ACL roles assigned

### Changed
- Authentication has been overhauled ([rhbz#1549535]):
   - The `pcs cluster auth` command only authenticates nodes in a local
     cluster and does not accept a node list.
   - The new command for authentication is `pcs host auth`. It allows to
     specify host names, addresses and pcsd ports.
   - Previously, running `pcs cluster auth A B C` caused A, B and C to be
     all authenticated against each other. Now, `pcs host auth A B C`
     makes the local host authenticated against A, B and C. This allows
     better control of what is authenticated against what.
   - The `pcs pcsd clear-auth` command has been replaced by `pcs pcsd
     deauth` and `pcs host deauth` commands. The new commands allows to
     deauthenticate a single host / token as well as all hosts / tokens.
   - These changes are not backward compatible. You should use the `pcs
     host auth` command to re-authenticate your hosts.
- The `pcs cluster setup` command has been overhauled ([rhbz#1158816],
   - It works with Corosync 3.x only and supports knet as well as
   - Node names are now supported.
   - The number of Corosync options configurable by the command has been
     significantly increased.
   - The syntax of the command has been completely changed to accommodate
     the changes and new features.
   - Corosync encryption is enabled by default when knet is used
- The `pcs cluster node add` command has been overhauled
   ([rhbz#1158816], [rhbz#1183103])
   - It works with Corosync 3.x only and supports knet as well as
   - Node names are now supported.
   - The syntax of the command has been changed to accommodate new
     features and to be consistent with other pcs commands.
- The `pcs cluster node remove` has been overhauled ([rhbz#1158816],
   - It works with Corosync 3.x only and supports knet as well as
   - It is now possible to remove more than one node at once.
   - Removing a cluster node no longer leaves the node in the CIB and
     therefore cluster status even if the removal is run on the node
     which is being removed
- Node names are fully supported now and are no longer coupled with node
   addresses. It is possible to set up a cluster where Corosync
   communicates over different addresses than pcs/pcsd. ([rhbz#1158816],
- Node names are now required while node addresses are optional in the
   `pcs cluster node add-guest` and `pcs cluster node add-remove`
   commands. Previously, it was the other way around.
- Web UI has been updated following changes in authentication and
   support for Corosync 3.x ([rhbz#1158816], [rhbz#1183103],
- Commands related to resource failures have been overhauled to support
   changes in pacemaker. Failures are now tracked per resource operations
   on top of resources and nodes. ([rhbz#1427273], [rhbz#1588667])
- `--watchdog` and `--device` options of `pcs stonith sbd enable` and
   `pcs stonith sbd device setup` commands have been replaced with
   `watchdog` and `device` options respectively
- Update pacemaker daemon names to match changes in pacemaker-2.0
- Watchdog devices are validated against a list provided by sbd
- Resource operation option `requires` is no longer accepted to match
   changes in pacemaker-2.0 ([rhbz#1605185])
- Update pacemaker exit codes to match changes in pacemaker-2.0
- `pcs cluster cib-upgrade` no longer exits with an error if the CIB
   schema is already the latest available (this has been changed in
- Pcs now configures corosync to put timestamps in its log
- Option `-V` has been replaced with `--full` and a CIB file can be
   specified only using option `-f` in `pcs cluster verify`
- Master resources are now called promotable clone resources to match
   changes in pacemaker-2.0 ([rhbz#1542288])
- Key size of default pcsd self-generated certificates increased from
   2048b to 3072b ([rhbz#1638852])
- pcsd.service now depends on network-online.target ([rhbz#1640477])
- Split command `pcs resource [show]` into two new commands:
   - `pcs resource [status]` - same as `pcs resource [show]`
   - `pcs resource config` - same as `pcs resource [show] --full` or
     resource id specified instead of --full Respective changes have been
     made to `pcs stonith [show]` command.
- Previously, `pcs cluster sync` synchronized only corosync
   configuration across all nodes configured in the cluster. This command
   will be changed in the future to sync all cluster configuration. New
   subcommand `pcs cluster sync corosync` has been introduced to sync
   only corosync configuration. For now, both commands have the same

### Security
- CVE-2018-1086: Debug parameter removal bypass, allowing information
   disclosure ([rhbz#1557366])
- CVE-2018-1079: Privilege escalation via authorized user malicious REST
   call ([rhbz#1550243])

### Deprecated
- The `masters` bundle option is obsoleted by the `promoted-max` option
   in Pacemaker 2.x and therefore in pcs ([rhbz#1542288])
- `pcs cluster uidgid rm`, use `pcs cluster uidgid delete` or `pcs
   cluster uidgid remove` instead

Thanks / congratulations to everyone who contributed to this release,
including Bruno Travouillon, Ivan Devat, Jan Pokorný, Ondrej Mular and
Tomas Jelinek.


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