[ClusterLabs] Corosync-qdevice 3.0 - RC1 is available at GitHub!

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Fri Nov 23 11:29:15 EST 2018

I am pleased to announce the first release candidate of Corosync-Qdevice 
3.0 available immediately from GitHub at 
https://github.com/corosync/corosync-qdevice/releases as 

This release contains mostly small bugfixes.

Complete changelog for RC 1 (compared to Beta 1):

Jan Friesse (11):
       tests: Enlarge timeout for process-list test
       init: disable stderr output in systemd unit file
       spec: Use different BuildRequires for SUSE
       spec: add exlicit docdir
       spec: Autogenerate bcond options based on config
       build: Remove WITH_LIST
       qdevice: Propagate error to exit code
       build: Support for git archive stored tags
       git-version-gen: Fail on UNKNOWN version
       configure: move to AC_COMPILE_IFELSE
       init: Fix init scripts to work with containers

We did our best to test this release as best as we could, but still take 
it as an Beta version.

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this 
great milestone.

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