[ClusterLabs] network fencing - azure arm

Thomas Berreis thomas.berreis at gmx.de
Wed Nov 21 01:57:39 EST 2018



I have a question about stonith configuration within azure and I hope I'm
using the correct mailing list.


I've installed two virtual machines with pacemaker 1.1.18, pcs 0.9.162 and

Now I'm unable to create a stonith configuration via pcs by using
network-fencing. Without network-fencing everything works fine.


The following command is working as expected (without network-fencing):

# pcs stonith create stonith.node1 fence_azure_arm login=$az_login
passwd=$az_passwd resourceGroup=$az_rg subscriptionId=$az_sid
tenantId=$az_tenant retry_on=0 pcmk_host_list=node1


If I add "network-fencing" to the list, pcs throws an error:

Error: missing value of 'network-fencing' option


I don't know what's wrong because network-fencing doesn't require any value.

# fence_azure_arm -h | grep -A2 network-fencing

   --network-fencing       Use network fencing. See NOTE-section of

                           metadata for required Subnet/Network Security

                           Group configuration.


Also network-fencing="on", "true" or "0" wasn't working. If I use
fence_azure_arm with network-fencing option manually everything is working
as expected.

Unfortunately this fence agent is very rare documented and I didn't found
any example for network-fencing.


Thanks for your help!


Best Regards,

Thomas B.

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