[ClusterLabs] How to set up fencing/stonith

Casey & Gina caseyandgina at icloud.com
Fri May 18 14:01:18 EDT 2018

>> pcmk_host_list="<nodeid>" - not sure about this one - I'm guessing
>> this would actually be the same input as the list I was inputting to
>> the HOSTLIST parameter with the external/vcenter approach?
>> port="<vm_name>" - not sure about this one - with this approach would
>> I need to issue the above command once for each node in the cluster
>> with the respective hostnames?
> The above command presumes one fence device per node. I'm guessing the
> VM names are different from their cluster node names. You could do the
> same thing with a single device using the pcmk_host_map parameter:
> pcmk_host_map="node1:vm1;node2:vm2;etc."

Ahh, so it's either port= or pcmk_host_map=?  So this should look like pcmk_host_map="d-gp2-dbpg0-1:d-gp2-dbpg0-1;..." in my case?  How then is this different from pcmk_host_list?  Or is pcmk_host_list supposed to be something else entirely than what I've guessed?

My cluster node names and vm names are identical in all cases.

> Is the relevant package installed on all nodes? If so, I'm not sure why
> it wouldn't return meta-data, maybe check selinux.

No selinux...  According to dpkg -S, the file /usr/sbin/fence_vmware_soap comes from the fence-agents package, which is installed on all nodes, I believe as a dependency of pacemaker.  On a fresh machine where I install the corosync, pacemaker, and pcs packages, the full output of `pcs stonith list` is as follows - which gives errors for both fenc_vmware_soap and fence_ovh.  Perhaps there is a bug in the packaging?

fence_alom - Fence agent for Sun ALOM
fence_amt - Fence agent for AMT
fence_apc - Fence agent for APC over telnet/ssh
fence_apc_snmp - Fence agent for APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP
fence_bladecenter - Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter
fence_brocade - Fence agent for HP Brocade over telnet/ssh
fence_cisco_mds - Fence agent for Cisco MDS
fence_cisco_ucs - Fence agent for Cisco UCS
fence_compute - Fence agent for the automatic resurrection of OpenStack compute instances
fence_docker - Fence agent for Docker
fence_drac - I/O Fencing agent for Dell DRAC IV
fence_drac5 - Fence agent for Dell DRAC CMC/5
fence_dummy - Dummy fence agent
fence_eaton_snmp - Fence agent for Eaton over SNMP
fence_emerson - Fence agent for Emerson over SNMP
fence_eps - Fence agent for ePowerSwitch
fence_hds_cb - Fence agent for Hitachi Compute Blade systems
fence_hpblade - Fence agent for HP BladeSystem
fence_ibmblade - Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter over SNMP
fence_idrac - Fence agent for IPMI
fence_ifmib - Fence agent for IF MIB
fence_ilo - Fence agent for HP iLO
fence_ilo2 - Fence agent for HP iLO
fence_ilo3 - Fence agent for IPMI
fence_ilo3_ssh - Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH
fence_ilo4 - Fence agent for IPMI
fence_ilo4_ssh - Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH
fence_ilo_moonshot - Fence agent for HP Moonshot iLO
fence_ilo_mp - Fence agent for HP iLO MP
fence_ilo_ssh - Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH
fence_imm - Fence agent for IPMI
fence_intelmodular - Fence agent for Intel Modular
fence_ipdu - Fence agent for iPDU over SNMP
fence_ipmilan - Fence agent for IPMI
fence_kdump - Fence agent for use with kdump
fence_ldom - Fence agent for Sun LDOM
fence_lpar - Fence agent for IBM LPAR
fence_mpath - Fence agent for multipath persistent reservation
fence_netio - I/O Fencing agent for Koukaam NETIO-230B
Error: no metadata for /usr/sbin/fence_ovh
fence_pve - Fencing agent for the Proxmox Virtual Environment
fence_raritan - I/O Fencing agent for Raritan Dominion PX
fence_rcd_serial - rcd_serial fence agent
fence_rhevm - Fence agent for RHEV-M REST API
fence_rsa - Fence agent for IBM RSA
fence_rsb - I/O Fencing agent for Fujitsu-Siemens RSB
fence_sanbox2 - Fence agent for QLogic SANBox2 FC switches
fence_sbd - Fence agent for sbd
fence_scsi - Fence agent for SCSI persistentl reservation
fence_tripplite_snmp - Fence agent for APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP
fence_vbox - Fence agent for VirtualBox
fence_virsh - Fence agent for virsh
fence_vmware - Fence agent for VMWare
Error: no metadata for /usr/sbin/fence_vmware_soap
fence_wti - Fence agent for WTI
fence_xenapi - Fence agent for Citrix XenServer over XenAPI
fence_zvmip - Fence agent for use with z/VM Virtual Machines

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