[ClusterLabs] Two-node cluster fencing

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This is my setup:

1. I have Two vMware-ESXI hosts with one virtual machine (RHEL 7.4) on each.
2. On my physical machine, I have four vmnic --> vmnic 0,1 for uplink going
to switchA and switchB --> vmnic 2,3 for heartbeat corosync traffic (direct
connect to other ESXI host)
3. I plan on clustering my two virtual machines via corosync and create a
virtual-IP via pacemaker.
4. I plan on using the uplink interface for data and totem interface for
corosync packets(heartbeat messages).
5. These two virtual machines doesnt need for a shared storage, or a shared
LUN because the application is, by nature, a standalone application that
doesnt need to have a centralized location as it does not store any data
that needs to be synchronized between two servers.
6. I have a PC that only needs to contact the Virtual IP of the rhel
virtual servers.
7. Seamless failover from primary to secondary is not required.
8. Active/Passive setup

Given the setup above,
1. Is there any drawbacks?
2. Do I need fencing? Can you explain me by giving a scenario on the above
setup? What instances will occur if I didnt put a fence device?
3. If I need a fence device? what fence device you recommend? SAN, vmWare,
or PDU?


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