[ClusterLabs] Install fresh pacemaker + corosync fails

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Thu Jun 28 13:31:39 EDT 2018

On Thu, 2018-06-28 at 17:17 +0200, Salvatore D'angelo wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am here again. I am still fighting against upgrade problems but now
> I am trying to change the approach.
> I want now to try to install fresh a new version Corosync and
> Postgres to have it working.
> For the moment I am not interested to a specific configuration, just
> three nodes where I can run a dummy resource as in this tutorial.
> I prefer to download specific version of the packages but I am ok to
> whatever new version for now.
> I followed the following procedure:
> https://wiki.clusterlabs.org/wiki/SourceInstall
> but this procedure fails the compilation. If I want to compile from
> source it’s not clear what are the dependencies. 
> I started from a scratch Ubuntu 14.04 (I only configured ssh to
> connect to the machines).
> For libqb I had to install with apt-get install the following
> dependencies:
> autoconf
> libtool 
> Corosync compilation failed to the step 
> ./autogen.sh && ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX 
> with the following error:
> checking for knet... no
> configure: error: Package requirements (libknet) were not met:
> No package 'libknet' found
> Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
> installed software in a non-standard prefix.
> I tried to install with apt-get the libraries libknet1 and libknet-
> dev but they were not found. Tried to download the source code of
> this library here:
> https://github.com/kronosnet/kronosnet
> but the ./autogen.sh && ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX step failed too
> with this error:
> configure: error: Package requirements (liblz4) were not met:
> No package 'liblz4’ found
> I installed liblz4 and liblz4-dev but problem still occurs.
> I am going around in circle here. I am asking if someone tested the
> install procedure on Ubuntu 14.04 and can give me the exact steps to
> install fresh pacemaker 1.1.18 (or later) with corosync 2.4.4 (or
> later).
> Thanks in advance for help.

Pacemaker's dependencies are listed at:


Some of the package names may be different on Ubuntu. Unless you are
looking for specific features, I'd go with whatever stock packages are
available for libqb and corosync.

knet will be supported by corosync 3 and is bleeding-edge at the moment
(though probably solid). If you do want to compile libqb and/or
corosync, the guide on the wiki grabs the latest master branch of the
various projects using git; I'd recommend downloading source tarballs
of the latest official releases instead, as they will be more stable.
Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>

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