[ClusterLabs] PAF not starting resource successfully after node reboot (was: How to set up fencing/stonith)

Casey & Gina caseyandgina at icloud.com
Mon Jun 4 11:53:49 EDT 2018

> There are different code paths when RA is called automatically by
> resource manager and when RA is called manually by crm_resource. The
> latter did not export this environment variable until 1.1.17. So
> documentation is correct in that you do not need 1.1.17 to use RA
> normally, as part of pacemaker configuration.

Okay, got it.

> You should be able to workaround it (should you ever need to manually
> trigger actions with crm_resource) by manually exporting this
> environment variable before calling crm_resource.

Awesome, thanks!  How would I know what to set the variable value to?

Best wishes,

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