[ClusterLabs] “pcs --debug” does not work

Tomas Jelinek tojeline at redhat.com
Mon Jan 22 04:46:49 EST 2018


the --debug option is supposed to be used as an additional option for a 
pcs command, for example:

pcs status --debug
pcs --debug resource create dummy ocf:pacemaker:Dummy

It writes what a command is doing in the background - running other 
commands, communicating over network.


Dne 22.1.2018 v 09:51 范国腾 napsal(a):
> Hello,
> The help of "pcs --debug" says " Print all network traffic and external commands run." But when I run the "pcs --debug", it still print the help information. How to trigger it to print the network traffic?
> Thanks
> Steven
>   [root at db3 ~]# pcs --debug
> Usage: pcs [-f file] [-h] [commands]...
> Control and configure pacemaker and corosync.
> Options:
>      -h, --help         Display usage and exit.
>      -f file            Perform actions on file instead of active CIB.
>      --debug            Print all network traffic and external commands run.
>      --version          Print pcs version information.
>      --request-timeout  Timeout for each outgoing request to another node in
>                         seconds. Default is 60s.
> Commands:
>      cluster     Configure cluster options and nodes.
>      resource    Manage cluster resources.
>      stonith     Manage fence devices.
>      constraint  Manage resource constraints.
>      property    Manage pacemaker properties.
>      acl         Manage pacemaker access control lists.
>      qdevice     Manage quorum device provider on the local host.
>      quorum      Manage cluster quorum settings.
>      booth       Manage booth (cluster ticket manager).
>      status      View cluster status.
>      config      View and manage cluster configuration.
>      pcsd        Manage pcs daemon.
>      node        Manage cluster nodes.
>      alert       Manage pacemaker alerts.
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