[ClusterLabs] “pcs --debug” does not work

范国腾 fanguoteng at highgo.com
Mon Jan 22 03:51:00 EST 2018

The help of "pcs --debug" says " Print all network traffic and external commands run." But when I run the "pcs --debug", it still print the help information. How to trigger it to print the network traffic?


 [root at db3 ~]# pcs --debug

Usage: pcs [-f file] [-h] [commands]...
Control and configure pacemaker and corosync.

    -h, --help         Display usage and exit.
    -f file            Perform actions on file instead of active CIB.
    --debug            Print all network traffic and external commands run.
    --version          Print pcs version information.
    --request-timeout  Timeout for each outgoing request to another node in
                       seconds. Default is 60s.

    cluster     Configure cluster options and nodes.
    resource    Manage cluster resources.
    stonith     Manage fence devices.
    constraint  Manage resource constraints.
    property    Manage pacemaker properties.
    acl         Manage pacemaker access control lists.
    qdevice     Manage quorum device provider on the local host.
    quorum      Manage cluster quorum settings.
    booth       Manage booth (cluster ticket manager).
    status      View cluster status.
    config      View and manage cluster configuration.
    pcsd        Manage pcs daemon.
    node        Manage cluster nodes.
    alert       Manage pacemaker alerts.

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