[ClusterLabs] GFS2 problem after host name change

Bob Peterson rpeterso at redhat.com
Mon Jan 15 08:45:05 EST 2018

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| I recently changed the host name of a cluster. It may or may not be
| related, but after I noticed that I can cleanly start gfs2 when the node
| boots. However, if the node is withdrawn and then I try to rejoin it
| without a reboot, it hangs with this in syslog;
| gfs2_consist_inode_i+0x5d/0x60 [gfs2]
| find_good_lh+0x76/0x90 [gfs2]
| gfs2_find_jhead+0x89/0x170 [gfs2]


Hm. That is weird. And highly disturbing.

It indicates GFS2 journal recovery found file system corruption within
the journal. It's possible that gfs_controld did something weird with the
GFS2 journal assignments because of the group membership change that
resulted from the node rename. But that should still not cause any kind
of journal corruption, since the journals are still policed by the glocks,
and even recovery and mount should lock each other out.

I'd be interested if we can find a reproducer for this.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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