[ClusterLabs] Speed up the resource moves in the case of a node hard shutdown

Maxim wizofta at rambler.ru
Tue Feb 13 05:46:53 EST 2018

12.02.2018 19:31, Digimer пишет:
> Without fencing, all bets are  off. Please enable it and see if the
 > issue remains
Seems, i know [in theory] about the fencing ability and its importance 
(although I've never configured it so far).
But i don't undestand how it would help in the situtions of the hard 

> Changing EL6 to corosync 2  pushes further into uncharted waters. EL6
 > should be using the cman pluging with corosync 1. May I ask why you
 > don't use EL7 if you want such a recent stack?
For historical reasons. Let's say so. I've another software that built 
for RHEL 6 like OS and have to be installed on the cluster node.
EL 7 stack is already not so recent, but it's one the most stable and 
least vulnearable, i suppose. And i understand the risks.
I will update pcs to the latest version when i find a bit of free time.

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