[ClusterLabs] Does CMAN Still Not Support Multipe CoroSync Rings?

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Mon Feb 12 11:48:45 EST 2018


> General question. I tried to set up a cman + corosync + pacemaker cluster using two corosync rings. When I start the cluster, everything works fine, except when I do a 'corosync-cfgtool -s' it only shows one ring. I tried manually editing the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file adding two <interface> 

AFAIK cluster.conf should be edited so altname is used. So something 
like in this example: 

I don't think you have to add altmulticast.


sections, but then cman complained that I didn't have a multicast 
address specified, even though I did. I tried editing the 
/etc/corosdync/corosync.conf file, and then I could get two rings, but 
the nodes would not both join the cluster. Bah! I did some reading and 
saw that cman didn't support multiple rings years ago. Did it never get 
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