[ClusterLabs] Issues with DB2 HADR Resource Agent

Ondrej Famera ofamera at redhat.com
Mon Feb 12 01:15:39 EST 2018

On 02/01/2018 07:24 PM, Dileep V Nair wrote:
> Thanks Ondrej for the response. I have set the PEER_WINDOWto 1000 which
> I guess is a reasonable value. What I am noticing is it does not wait
> for the PEER_WINDOW. Before that itself the DB goes into a
> REMOTE_CATCHUP_PENDING state and Pacemaker give an Error saying a DB in
> Regards,
> *Dileep V Nair*

Hi Dileep,

sorry for later response. The DB2 should not get into the
'REMOTE_CATCHUP' phase or the DB2 resource agent will indeed not
promote. From my experience it usually gets into that state when the DB2
on standby was restarted during or after PEER_WINDOW timeout.

When the primary DB2 fails then standby should end up in some state that
would match the one on line 770 of DB2 resource agent and the promote
operation is attempted.

  770  STANDBY/*PEER/DISCONNECTED|Standby/DisconnectedPeer)


The DB2 on standby can get restarted when the 'promote' operation times
out, so you can try increasing the 'promote' timeout to something higher
if this was the case.

So if you see that DB2 was restarted after Primary failed, increase the
promote timeout. If DB2 was not restarted then question is why DB2 has
decided to change the status in this way.

Let me know if above helped.

Ondrej Faměra
@Red Hat

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