[ClusterLabs] Issues with DB2 HADR Resource Agent

Dileep V Nair dilenair at in.ibm.com
Thu Feb 1 03:57:03 EST 2018


I am facing multiple issues with the DB2 Resource Agent.

The first issue was that when I start Pacemaker, DB2 is also started and
immediately after that DB2 gets stopped. I fixed that by removing \ before
$ in Line numbers 686, 689 and 691.

684 CMD="if db2 connect to $db;
685 then
686 db2 select * from sysibm.sysversions ; rc=$?;
687 db2 terminate;
688 else
689 rc=$?;
690 fi;
691 exit $rc"

Now the second issue I am facing is that when I crash the node were DB is
primary, the STANDBY DB is not getting promoted to PRIMARY. I could fix
that by adding below lines in db2_promote()

773 *)
774 # must take over forced
775 force="by force"
777 ;;

But I am not sure of the implications that this can cause.

Can someone suggest whether what I am doing is correct OR will this lead to
any Data loss.

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