[ClusterLabs] Corosync 3 release plans?

Ferenc Wágner wferi at niif.hu
Mon Aug 27 05:42:55 EDT 2018

Jan Friesse <jfriesse at redhat.com> writes:

> Currently I'm pretty happy with current Corosync alpha stability so it
> would be possible to release final right now, but because I want to
> give us some room to break protocol/abi (only if needed and right now
> I don't see any strong reason for such breakage), I didn't release it
> yet.


> Currently I'm planning to release 3.0.0 in the beginning of December
> but if it would mean to miss Debian freeze date I'm open to release it
> sooner.

No need, we should be plenty good with this, the target date of the
transition freeze is 2019-Jan-12.

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