[ClusterLabs] strange cluster state

Václav Mach machv at cesnet.cz
Fri Sep 29 09:32:19 EDT 2017


I am trying to setup simple 2 node cluster. The setup is done with 
ansible. The whole project is available on github at 
https://github.com/lager1/cesnet_HA (README is written in czech, but 
other parts may be relevant).

The cluster consist of two servers - r1nren.et.cesnet.cz (r1, r1nren) 
and r2nret.et.cesnet.cz (r2, r2nren). Configuration uses group for 
resources to utilize created dependencies and colocation rules.

The resources are:
- ping_gw
- standby_ip
- offline_file
- radiator
- racoon
- eduroam_ping
- mailto

Resource ping_gw is cloned to be run on both nodes.
All the remainning resources are added to group.

When testing cluster behavior I've managed to get the cluster in an a 
strange state:

Node r2nren.et.cesnet.cz: standby
Online: [ r1nren.et.cesnet.cz ]

Full list of resources:

  Clone Set: clone_ping_gw [ping_gw]
      Started: [ r1nren.et.cesnet.cz ]
      Stopped: [ r2nren.et.cesnet.cz ]
  Resource Group: group_eduroam.cz
      standby_ip	(ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):	Started r2nren.et.cesnet.cz
      offline_file	(systemd:offline_file):	Stopped
      radiator	(systemd:radiator):	Started r1nren.et.cesnet.cz
      racoon	(systemd:racoon):	Stopped
      eduroam_ping	(systemd:eduroam_ping):	Stopped
      mailto	(ocf::heartbeat:MailTo):	Started r1nren.et.cesnet.cz

How is this state even possible?
According to the docs, the node may not run any resources when it is in 
standby state. Also all the resources should run on same node and all 
the resources should be started in the defined order. The output above 
does not match that.

I'm not totally sure if the attached logs were created when this problem 
occured, but I think they should.

Thanks for help.


Václav Mach
CESNET, z.s.p.o.

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