[ClusterLabs] Ubuntu 16.04 - Only binds on then fails until reinstall

James james at absolutejam.co.uk
Fri May 12 15:12:11 EDT 2017

Hey, sorry for the delay in replying.

I've sorted this now as it seemed to be down to IP changes and sleep 
deprivation (The config IPs/subnets didn't match the node addresses).

Really appreciate you reaching out to help and at least 2 good things 
came out of this - I'm on the mailing list and I learned about strace!


On 06/05/17 07:44, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> James Booth <administrator at absolutejam.co.uk> writes:
>> Sorry for the repeat mails, but I had issues subscribing list time
>> (Looks like it has worked successfully now!).
>> Anywho, I'm really desperate for some help on my issue in
>> http://lists.clusterlabs.org/pipermail/users/2017-April/005495.html -
>> I can recap the info in this thread and provide any configs if needed!
> Hi James,
> This thread is badly fragmented and confusing now, but let's try to
> proceed.  It seems corosync ignores its config file.  Maybe you edit a
> stray corosync.conf, not the one corosync actually reads (which should
> probably be /etc/corosync/corosync.conf).  Please issue the following
> command as a regular user, and show us its output (make sure strace is
> installed):
> $ strace -f -eopen /usr/sbin/corosync -p -f
> It should reveal the name of the config file.  For example, under a
> different version a section of the output looks like this:
> open("/dev/shm/qb-corosync-16489-blackbox-header", O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_TRUNC, 0600) = 3
> open("/dev/shm/qb-corosync-16489-blackbox-data", O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_TRUNC, 0600) = 4
> open("/etc/corosync/corosync.conf", O_RDONLY) = 3
> open("/etc/localtime", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = 3
> Process 16490 attached
> [pid 16489] open("/var/run/corosync.pid", O_WRONLY|O_CREAT, 0640) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)
> If you can identify the name of the config file, please also post its
> path and its full content.

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