[ClusterLabs] Clusterlabs Summit 2017 (Nuremberg, 6-7 September) - Hotels and Topics

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Tue May 2 10:50:18 EDT 2017

On 02/05/17 06:47 AM, Kristoffer Grönlund wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Here's a quick update on the summit happening at the SUSE office in
> Nuremberg on September 6-7.
> I am still collecting hotel reservations from attendees. In order to
> notify the hotel about how many rooms we actually need, I'll need a
> complete list of people who want to attend before 15 June, at the
> latest. So if you plan to attend and need a hotel room, let me know as
> soon as possible by emailing me! There are 40 hotel rooms reserved,
> and about half of those are claimed at this point.
> We are starting to have a preliminary list of topics ready. The event
> area has a projector and A/V equipment available, so we should be able
> to show slides for those wanting to present a particular topic.
> This is the current list of topics:
> Topic Requester/Presenter     Topic
> Andrew Beekhof or Ken Gaillot New container "bundle" feature in Pacemaker	
> Ken Gaillot                   What would Pacemaker 1.2 or 2.0 look like?	
> Ken Gaillot                   Ideas for the OCF resource agent standard	
> Klaus Wenninger               Recent work and future plans for SBD	
> Chrissie Caulfield            knet and corosync 3	
> Chris Feist (requestor)       kubernetes	
> Chris Feist (requestor)       Multisite (QDevice/Booth)	
> Madison Kelly                 ScanCore and "Intelligent Availability"	
> Kristoffer Gronlund,          Hawk, Cluster API	and future plans
>     Ayoub Belarbi
> We also have Kai Wagner from the openATTIC team attending, and he has
> agreed to present openATTIC. For those who aren't familiar with it,
> openATTIC is a storage management tool with some support for managing
> things like LVM, DRBD and Ceph.
> I am also happy to say that Adam Spiers from the SUSE Cloud team will be
> attending the summit, and hopefully I can convince him to present their
> work on using Pacemaker with Openstack, the current state of Openstack
> HA and perhaps some of his future plans and wishes around HA.
> Keep adding topics to the list! We'll work out a rough schedule for
> the two days as the event draws nearer, but I'd hope to leave enough
> room for deeper discussions around the topics as we work through
> them.
> As a reminder, the plans for the summit are being collected at the
> Alteeve! planning wiki, here:
> http://plan.alteeve.ca/index.php/Main_Page
> Cheers,
> Kristoffer

Anyone who wants an account on the wiki, please just email me. I keep
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