[ClusterLabs] Ubuntu 16.04 - Only binds on then fails until reinstall

James Booth administrator at absolutejam.co.uk
Wed May 3 16:40:48 EDT 2017

Hey guys,

Sorry for the repeat mails, but I had issues subscribing list time (Looks like it has worked successfully now!).

Anywho, I'm really desperate for some help on my issue in http://lists.clusterlabs.org/pipermail/users/2017-April/005495.html - I can recap the info in this thread and provide any configs if needed!

Basically, when I start corosync, it binds to and nothing resolves the issue until I remove the package (with --purge) and try again - which does the same again.

Would building from source help my issue?

Any help would be **greatly** appreciated!


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