[ClusterLabs] DRBD AND cLVM ???

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Mon Jul 31 12:56:00 EDT 2017

On 2017-07-31 12:51 PM, Lentes, Bernd wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm currently a bit confused. I have several resources running as VirtualDomains, the vm reside on plain logical volumes without fs, these lv's reside themself on a FC SAN. 
> In that scenario i need cLVM to distribute the lvm metadata between the nodes.
> For playing around a bit and getting used to it i created a DRBD partition. It resides on a logical volume (one on each node), which should be possible following the documentation on linbit.
> The lv's reside each on a node on the local storage, not on the SAN (which would be a very strange configuration).
> But nevertheless it's a cLVM configuration. I don't think it's possible to have a cLVM and non-cLVM configuration at the same time on the same node.
> Is that possible what i try to do ?
> Bernd

It's not recommended, but it is possible with creative use of filter =
[] in lvm.conf. I've not done it myself, mind you. As far as clvmd on
DRBD, to LVM, it's no different if the block device is a SAN LUN or
DRBD... It only cares that a changed block/inode on one side is the same
on the other.

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