[ClusterLabs] Stonith hostname vs port vs plug

ArekW arkaduis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 03:18:13 EDT 2017

Hi, I'm confused how to properly set stonith when a hostname is
different than port/plug name. I have 2 vms on vbox/vmware with
hostnames: node1, node2. The port's names are: Centos1, Centos2.
According to my understanding the stonith device must know which vm to
control (each other) so I set:
pmck_host_map="node1:Centos1;node2:Centos2" and it seems to work good,
however documentation describes port as a decimal "port number"(?).
Would it be correct to use something like pmck_host_list="node1
node2"? But how the fence device will combine the hostname with port
(or plug)? I presume that node1 must somehow know that node2's plug is
Centos2, otherwise It could reboot itself (?)
Thank you.

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