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Sun Jul 30 16:19:43 EDT 2017

On 2017-07-30 02:03 PM, deepesh kumar wrote:
> I need to set up 2 node HA Active Passive redhat cluster on rhel 6.9.
> Should I start with rgmanager or pacemaker ..????
> Do I need Quorum disk ..(mandatory )   and what fence method should I use.
> Thanks to great friends..!!!
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Hi Deepesh,

  Note that this channel is deprecated, please use clusterlabs - users
(cc'ed here).

  Use pacemaker, but it will need the cman plugin. Only existing
projects should use rgmanager. The fence method you use will depend on
what your nodes are; IPMI is common on most servers, so fence_ipmilan is
quite common. Switched PDUs from APC are also popular, and they use
fence_apc_snmp, etc.

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