[ClusterLabs] VirtualDomain started in two hosts

Oscar Segarra oscar.segarra at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 03:27:07 EST 2017


I have configured a two node cluster whewe run 4 kvm guests on.

The hosts are:

And I have created a dedicated network card for cluster management. I have
created required entries in /etc/hosts:

The four guests have collocation rules in order to make them distribute
proportionally between my two nodes.

The problem I have is that if I migrate a guest outside the cluster, I mean
using the virsh migrate - - live...  Cluster,  instead of moving back the
guest to its original node (following collocation sets),  Cluster starts
again the guest and suddenly I have the same guest running on both nodes
causing xfs corruption in guest.

Is there any configuration applicable to avoid this unwanted behavior?

Thanks a lot
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