[ClusterLabs] get status of each RG

Florin Portase portase.florin at medianetork.ro
Sun Jan 15 11:02:55 EST 2017


We're about to create some HPOM  (HP Operations Manager ) monitoring
policies for RHEL7 cluster environment. 

However, it looks like getting status of running defined RG seems way to
challenging comparing to rgmanager/cman 

SO, if under RHEL6: 

running clustat 

Service Name                                                     Owner
(Last)                                                     State
 ------- ----                                                     -----
------                                                     -----
rgcs02_ha                                                       started
rgcs01_ha                                                       stopped 

Where rgcs02_01/02 are cluster nodes and  rgcl0102 rg_apache are
resource groups. 

However , under RHEL7 ( pcs ) couldn't fine anything similar. 

I'm not interested in status of EACH refined resources, but only
resource groups 

something like:
RG1 running on node2 status: running
RG2 running on node1 status:stopped
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