[ClusterLabs] sbd: Cannot open watchdog device: /dev/watchdog

Muhammad Sharfuddin M.Sharfuddin at nds.com.pk
Tue Jan 3 11:11:34 EST 2017


pacemaker does not start on this machine(Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX2540 M1) 
with following error in  the logs:

sbd: [13236]: ERROR: Cannot open watchdog device: /dev/watchdog: No such 
file or directory

System Info:

sbd-1.2.1-8.7.x86_64  corosync-2.3.3-7.12.x86_64 pacemaker-1.1.12-7.1.x86_64

lsmod | egrep "(wd|dog)"
iTCO_wdt               13480  0
iTCO_vendor_support    13718  1 iTCO_wdt

dmidecode | grep -A3 '^System Information'
System Information
         Manufacturer: FUJITSU
         Product Name: PRIMERGY RX2540 M1
         Version: GS01


2017-01-03T21:00:26.890503+05:00 prdnode1 sbd: [13235]: info: Watchdog 
2017-01-03T21:00:26.899817+05:00 prdnode1 sbd: [13238]: info: Servant 
starting for device 
2017-01-03T21:00:26.900175+05:00 prdnode1 sbd: [13238]: info: Device 
/dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x600000e00d280000002825b500000000-part1 uuid: 
2017-01-03T21:00:26.900418+05:00 prdnode1 sbd: [13239]: info: Monitoring 
Pacemaker health
2017-01-03T21:00:27.901022+05:00 prdnode1 sbd: [13236]: ERROR: Cannot 
open watchdog device: /dev/watchdog: No such file or directory
2017-01-03T21:00:27.912098+05:00 prdnode1 sbd: [13236]: WARN: Servant 
for pcmk (pid: 13239) has terminated
2017-01-03T21:00:27.941950+05:00 prdnode1 sbd: [13236]: WARN: Servant 
for /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x600000e00d280000002825b500000000-part1 (pid: 
13238) has terminated
2017-01-03T21:00:27.949401+05:00 prdnode1 sbd.sh[13231]: sbd failed; 
please check the logs.
2017-01-03T21:00:27.992606+05:00 prdnode1 sbd.sh[13231]: SBD failed to 
start; aborting.
2017-01-03T21:00:27.993061+05:00 prdnode1 systemd[1]: sbd.service: 
control process exited, code=exited status=1
2017-01-03T21:00:27.993339+05:00 prdnode1 systemd[1]: Failed to start 
Shared-storage based fencing daemon.
2017-01-03T21:00:27.993610+05:00 prdnode1 systemd[1]: Dependency failed 
for Pacemaker High Availability Cluster Manager.
2017-01-03T21:00:27.994054+05:00 prdnode1 systemd[1]: Unit sbd.service 
entered failed state.

please help.


Muhammad Sharfuddin

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