[ClusterLabs] Primitive and clone relation .

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Sun Feb 5 15:39:37 EST 2017

On 05/02/17 03:31 PM, Sergey Arlashin wrote:
> HI all! 
> I have a simple setup in my test environment - two node cluster with two resources .
> First resource - a web server which is supposed to run on both nodes
> Second resource - a virtual ip address which is supposed to run only on one of these two nodes, but only if the node has web server resource up and running. 
> The resources are currently configured this way:
> primitive webserver ... 
> clone webserver_clone webserver 
> primitive vip ...
> How do I specify that the 'vip' resource should run together with started 'webserver' on the same node and  migrate to another node if 'webserver' resource fails on the current one?  
> Thank you! 
> Regards,
> Sergey

I believe you want colocation constraints;


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