[ClusterLabs] Primitive and clone relation .

Sergey Arlashin s.arlashin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 15:31:27 EST 2017

HI all! 

I have a simple setup in my test environment - two node cluster with two resources .

First resource - a web server which is supposed to run on both nodes

Second resource - a virtual ip address which is supposed to run only on one of these two nodes, but only if the node has web server resource up and running. 

The resources are currently configured this way:

primitive webserver ... 
clone webserver_clone webserver 

primitive vip ...

How do I specify that the 'vip' resource should run together with started 'webserver' on the same node and  migrate to another node if 'webserver' resource fails on the current one?  

Thank you! 


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