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Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Wed Feb 1 10:07:34 EST 2017

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> Hello Cluster Fans!
> I've had a great time working with the clustering software. Implementing a
> HUGE cluster solution now (100+ resources) and it's working great!
> I had a question regarding prioritizing resources. Say I have three nodes
> (A,B,C) and 2 database resources (DB1, DB2). Database resources normally
> run on A and B, and both failover to C.
> What I would like to do is prioritize resource DB1 over DB2 if both have to
> failover to node C. For example, if DB2 has failed over and is running on
> node C, and at a later time DB1 fails over to node C, that DB2 would stop
> (no longer running at all on any node) and DB1 would run. Essentially DB1
> is kicking DB2 off the cluster. I was wondering if there would be a clean
> way to implement something like this using standard cluster configurations
> parameters or if I'd have to create a custom RA script that would run
> cluster commands to do this?


What about this?: First use utilization constraints to avoid overloading your nodes (change nodes and each resource). The use priorities for the resources. Now when more resources want to run on a node (C) that the node can deal with, the higher priority resources will succeed. Drawback: Stopping a resource can cause some resource shuffling between nodes. We run a similar configuration with SLES11 for a few years now. If resources are becoming tight, test and development resources have to give way for production resources...


> Thanks in advance! Happy clustering :)
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