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Chad Cravens chad.cravens at ossys.com
Wed Feb 1 09:52:34 EST 2017

Hello Cluster Fans!

I've had a great time working with the clustering software. Implementing a
HUGE cluster solution now (100+ resources) and it's working great!

I had a question regarding prioritizing resources. Say I have three nodes
(A,B,C) and 2 database resources (DB1, DB2). Database resources normally
run on A and B, and both failover to C.

What I would like to do is prioritize resource DB1 over DB2 if both have to
failover to node C. For example, if DB2 has failed over and is running on
node C, and at a later time DB1 fails over to node C, that DB2 would stop
(no longer running at all on any node) and DB1 would run. Essentially DB1
is kicking DB2 off the cluster. I was wondering if there would be a clean
way to implement something like this using standard cluster configurations
parameters or if I'd have to create a custom RA script that would run
cluster commands to do this?

Thanks in advance! Happy clustering :)

Kindest Regards,
Chad Cravens
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