[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker in Azure

Oyvind Albrigtsen oalbrigt at redhat.com
Fri Aug 25 03:17:14 EDT 2017

There's the awsvip agent that can handle secondary private IP
addresses this way (to be used with order/colocation constraints with


There's also the awseip for Elastic IPs that can assign your Elastic
IP to hosts or secondary private IPs.

On 25/08/17 10:13 +1000, Leon Steffens wrote:
>Unfortunately I can't post the full resource agent here.
>In our search for solutions we did find a resource agent for managing AWS
>Elastic IPs:
>https://github.com/moomindani/aws-eip-resource-agent/blob/master/eip.  This
>was not what we wanted, but it will give you an idea of how it can work.
>Our script manages secondary private IPs by using:
>aws ec2 assign-private-ip-addresses
>aws ec2 unassign-private-ip-addresses
>aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces
>There are a few things to consider:
>* The AWS call to assign IPs to an EC2 instance is asynchronous (or it was
>the last time I checked), so you have to wait a bit (or poll AWS/Azure
>until the IP is ready).
>* The IP change is slower than a normal VIP change on the machine, so
>expect a slightly longer outage.

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