[ClusterLabs] Antw: fence_vmware_soap: reads VM status but fails to reboot/on/off

Marek Grac mgrac at redhat.com
Tue Aug 1 07:22:46 EDT 2017


> But when I call any of the power actions (on, off, reboot) I get "Failed:
> > Timed out waiting to power OFF".
> >
> > I've tried with all the combinations of --power-timeout and --power-wait
> > and same error without any change in the response time.
> >
> > Any ideas from where or how to fix this issue ?

No, you have used the right options and if they were high enough it should
work. You can try to post verbose (anonymized) output and we can take a
look at it more deeply.

> I suspect "power off" is actually a virtual press of the ACPI power button
> (reboot likewise), so your VM tries to shut down cleanly. That could take
> time, and it could hang (I guess). I don't use VMware, but maybe there's a
> "reset" action that presses the virtual reset button of the virtual
> hardware... ;-)

There should not be a fence agent that will do soft reboot. The 'reset'
action does  power off/check status/power on so we are sure that machine
was really down (of course unless --method cycle when 'reboot' button is

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