[ClusterLabs] Question about fence_mpath

Chris Adams linux at cmadams.net
Fri Apr 28 14:25:18 EDT 2017

Once upon a time, Seth Reid <sreid at vendini.com> said:
> I've had a similar problem. Make sure that the /dev/mapper object above
> isn't a symlink. In my multiparth.conf, I had added an alias to a device
> name, like that, to make it easier, but if I pointed my fencing at that, it
> didn't work. However, I could point directly to the object that the symlink
> pointed to, and it work. I actually had better luck not even specifying a
> device at all. It found the right one.

But the multipath devices are always symlinks - how do you access it?
The only "real" devices are /dev/dm-<number>, but those names are not
stable, so you can't use those for anything.

Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>

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