[ClusterLabs] how start resources on the last running node

Ján Poctavek janci at binaryparadise.com
Wed Apr 5 04:39:55 EDT 2017


Maybe this is simple question but I'd use some inspiration from you guys.

I have 3-node pcs+corosync+pacemaker cluster spread across multiple 
locations. When majority of the nodes is up, everything is working fine. 
But my concern now is what recovery options do I have when I (maybe 
temporarily) lose 2 of 3 nodes? Fencing itself will not help here 
because there's a possibility of network split and in this case the 
fencing will not work (it's unable to contact the fence device on the 
other side). I rely on quorum instead.

Is there any command to force start of the resources if I know for sure 
that all missing nodes are turned off? The idea is to make the resources 
available (by administrative command) even without majority of nodes and 
when the other nodes become reachable again, they will rejoin the 
cluster without any manual intervention.

All nodes are set with wait_for_all, stonith-enabled=false and 

Thank you.


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