[ClusterLabs] how start resources on the last running node

Ján Poctavek janci at binaryparadise.com
Tue Apr 4 11:01:59 EDT 2017


I came here to ask for some inspiration about my cluster setup.

I have 3-node pcs+corosync+pacemaker cluster. When majority of nodes 
exist in the cluster, everything is working fine. But what recovery 
options do I have when I lose 2 of 3 nodes? If I know for sure that the 
missing nodes are turned off, is there any command to force start of the 
resources? The idea is to make the resources available (by 
administrative command) even without majority of nodes and when the 
other nodes become reachable again, they will normally join to the 
cluster without any manual intervention.

All nodes are set with wait_for_all, stonith-enabled=false and 

Thank you.


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