[ClusterLabs] unable to add removed node to cluster

Omar Jaber omarj at mellanox.com
Tue Sep 6 02:12:03 EDT 2016

I create cluster contain three nodes  when I remove one of the node by run "pcs cluster destroy"  command
The node was  stopped from cluster, but when I try to  rejoin the node by run  commands
1-systemctl start pcsd.service
2-systemctl start pcsd.service
(one removed node)

3-pcs cluster auth <hostname for removed node>

4-pcs cluster node add <hostname for removed node>
(On a node in the existing cluster)
the output from last command  (Error: unable to add hosname1 on hostname2- Error connecting to hostname2- (HTTP error: 400
Error: unable to add hostname1 on hostname3 - Error connecting to hostname3 - (HTTP error: 400)
Error: unable to add hostname1 on hostname1- Error connecting to hostname2 - (HTTP error: 400)
Error: Unable to update any nodes

Any idea what is the problem ?

Omar Jaber

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