[ClusterLabs] Can't do anything right; how do I start over?

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Fri Oct 14 16:20:32 EDT 2016

On 10/14/2016 02:48 PM, Jay Scott wrote:
> I've been trying a lot of things from the introductory manual.
> I have updated the instructions (on my hardcopy) to the versions
> of corosync etc. that I'm using.  I can't get hardly anything to
> work reliably beyond the ClusterIP.
> So I start over -- I had been reinstalling the machines but I've
> grown tired of that.  So, before I start in on my other tales of woe,
> I figured I should find out how to start over "according to Hoyle".
> When I "start over" I stop all the services, delete the packages,
> empty the configs and logs as best I know how.  But this doesn't
> completely clear everything:  the drbd metadata is evidently still
> on the partitions I've set aside for it.
> Oh, before I forget, in particular:
> in corosync.conf:
> totem {
>     interface {
>         # This is normally the *network* address of the
>         # interface to bind to. This ensures that you can use
>         # identical instances of this configuration file
>         # across all your cluster nodes, without having to
>         # modify this option.
>         bindnetaddr:
>     [snip]
>     }
> }
> bindnetaddr:  I've tried using an address on ONE of the machines
> (everywhere),
> and I've tried using an address that's on each participating machine,
> thus a diff corosync.conf file for each machine (but otherwise identical).
> What's the right thing?  From the comment it seems that there should
> be one address used among all machines.  But I kept getting messages
> about addresses already in use, so I thought I'd try to "fix" it.

The comment may be unclear ... bindnetaddr isn't an address *on* the
network, it's the address *of* the network.

For example, if you're using a /24 subnet ( netmask), the
above bindnetaddr should be, which would cover any hosts with
addresses in the range -

> This is my burn script.
> Am I missing something?  Doing it wrong?
> #!/bin/bash
>     pkill -9 -f pacemaker
> systemctl stop pacemaker.service
> systemctl stop corosync.service
> systemctl stop pcsd.service
>     drbdadm down alpha
>     drbdadm down bravo
>     drbdadm down delta
> systemctl stop drbd.service
>     rpm -e drbd84-utils kmod-drbd84
>     rpm -e pcs
>     rpm -e pacemaker
>     rpm -e pacemaker-cluster-libs
>     rpm -e pacemaker-cli
>     rpm -e pacemaker-libs
>     rpm -e pacemaker-doc
>     rpm -e lvm2-cluster
>     rpm -e     dlm
>     rpm -e corosynclib corosync
>     cd /var/lib/pacemaker
>     rm cib/*
>     rm pengine/*
>     cd
>     nullfile /var/log/cluster/corosync.conf

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