[ClusterLabs] cross DC cluster using public ip?

neeraj ch nwarriorch at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 18:32:55 EDT 2016

Hello ,

We are testing out corosync and pacemaker for DB high availability on the
cloud. I was able to set up a cluster with in a DC using corosync 1.4 and
pacemaker 1.12. It works great and I wanted to try a cross DC cluster. I
was using unicast as multicast was disabled by default.

I was not sure how Corosync behaves with public IP's but I still went ahead
and tried it with both public IP's as well as DNS names. These DNS names
resolve as local IP when the other node is with in the same subnet.

while I was using public IP's both the node inside the same subnet as well
as outside were unable to connect, except for itself. While using DNS names
the membership information showed the nodes within same subnet being
connected to while the nodes outside were not connected

My corosync config is as follows.

totem {
      version: 2
      secauth: off
      threads: 0
      interface {

               member {
                  memberaddr: <public ip>
              member {
                  memberaddr: <public ip>
               member {
                  memberaddr: <public ip>
               ringnumber: 0
               mcastport: 5405
               ttl: 1
      transport: udpu

logging {
      fileline: off
      to_stderr: no
      to_logfile: yes
      to_syslog: yes
      logfile: /var/log/cluster/corosync.log
      debug: on
      timestamp: on
      logger_subsys {
               subsys: AMF
               debug: on

service {
        # Load the Pacemaker Cluster Resource Manager
        name: pacemaker
        ver: 1

amf {
      mode: disabled

I am checking membership information by using corosync-objctl. I have also
tried using public ip as the bind address , that makes the membership from
1 to 0 as it doesn't add itself.

If any one has any suggestion / advice on how to debug or what I am doing
wrong . Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you
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