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‪H Yavari‬ ‪ hyavari at rocketmail.com
Wed May 25 00:43:02 EDT 2016

Thanks for reply. sure I'll send the logs next time. 
issue: for example for 2 days cluster is ok and all nodes are active and online, but randomly when I check cluster status on one of nodes, I notice that cluster is stooped and it is same on all other nodes.So I should run "pcs cluster start --all".

      From: Jan Pokorný <jpokorny at redhat.com>
 To: users at clusterlabs.org 
On 21/05/16 04:46 +0000, H Yavari wrote:
> I have a cluster and it works good, but I see sometimes cluster is
> stopped on all nodes and I should start manually. pcsd service is
> running but cluster is stopped.I see the pacemaker log but I
> couldn't find any warning or error. what is the issue? 
> (stonith is disable.)

- disabled stonith/fencing not set up is high risk rather than high
  availability in majority of the cases

- is "cluster was started and stopped inadvertently" what you mean?

- please provide the part of the log around the moment cluster ceased
  to work properly plus cluster's configuration (we are not good in
  telephatic remote access yet)

Jan (Poki)
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