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DacioMF daciomf at yahoo.com.br
Tue May 31 13:01:46 EDT 2016


I had 4 nodes with Ubuntu 14.04LTS in my cluster and all of then worked well. I need upgrade all my cluster nodes to Ubuntu 16.04LTS without stop my resources. Two nodes have been updated to 16.04 and the two others remains with 14.04. The problem is that my cluster was splited and the nodes with Ubuntu 14.04 only work with the other in the same version. The same is true for the nodes with Ubuntu 16.04. The feature set of pacemaker in Ubuntu 14.04 is v3.0.7 and in 16.04 is v3.0.10.

The following commands shows what's happening:

root at xenserver50:/var/log/corosync# crm status
Last updated: Thu May 19 17:19:06 2016
Last change: Thu May 19 09:00:48 2016 via cibadmin on xenserver50
Stack: corosync
Current DC: xenserver51 (51) - partition with quorum
Version: 1.1.10-42f2063
4 Nodes configured
4 Resources configured

Online: [ xenserver50 xenserver51 ]
OFFLINE: [ xenserver52 xenserver54 ]


root at xenserver52:/var/log/corosync# crm status
Last updated: Thu May 19 17:20:04 2016        Last change: Thu May 19 08:54:57 2016 by hacluster via crmd on xenserver54
Stack: corosync
Current DC: xenserver52 (version 1.1.14-70404b0) - partition with quorum
4 nodes and 4 resources configured

Online: [ xenserver52 xenserver54 ]
OFFLINE: [ xenserver50 xenserver51 ]

xenserver52 and xenserver54 are Ubuntu 16.04 the others are Ubuntu 14.04.

Someone knows what's the problem?

Sorry by my poor english.

Best regards,
 DacioMF Analista de Redes e Infraestrutura

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