[ClusterLabs] SDB + Pacemaker for virtuals

Mohammed Alam moalam9 at gmail.com
Mon May 9 02:17:27 EDT 2016


I was reading Andrew Beekhof's blog (particularly this article:
http://blog.clusterlabs.org/blog/2015/sbd-fun-and-profit/) and became very
interested in setting up a cluster using SBD fencing on a shared FCOE
storage device. I have a few quick questions.

Would Pacemaker + SBD fencing work on both KVM hypervisor and virtuals at
the same time? I know something like this exists for XEN but wasn't sure if
KVM would be able to do something similar.

If I wanted it just for virtual machine clusters, do the virtuals need to
be presented with an additional shared storage? (Similar to how it works at
hypervisor level) I was a bit confused about this.

Essentially I want to get to a state where I have 3 physical nodes, running
3-5 virtual machines each that are clustered across the 3 physical nodes,
so one virtual from each clustered set can be running on any physical node
accessing the same FCOE storage.  The physical nodes don't necessary need
to be clustered.

Is this possible? Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated or if anyone
has a guide on achieving a setup like this.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,
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