[ClusterLabs] IPMI working but evacuations don't work‏

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Thu Mar 31 02:41:51 EDT 2016

On 31/03/16 02:26 AM, Moiz Arif wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on VM evacuations and i have noticed that when my compute
> node's network is disconnected there is call from STONITH to fence the
> node and my node gets rebooted. But the VMs are not evacuated. I have
> checked the logs and do not see the NovaEvacuate call. 
> What can be the issue here? 
> Thanks.
> Moiz

I assume "evacuations" means "recovered on the healthy node"?

Please share more information about your setup (program versions, OS)
and your configuration. Also, please share the log files from the
surviving node starting just before you crashed the node until a few
minutes after.

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