[ClusterLabs] Installed Galera, now HAProxy won't start

Matthew Mucker nevo_n at hotmail.com
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To close the loop, this was the root cause of the problem. There are several configuration files that mySQL reads at startup, and later files in the chain overwrite settings from files earlier in the chain. I had to edit two or three config files on each node to get mySQL to stop binding to (netstat -tl is your friend!) but once I did the HAProxy clustered resource came back online.

Hopefully there's enough information in this thread to help those coming across this problem after me.

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> configure MariaDB server to bind to all available ports (http://docs.openstack.org/ha-guide/controller-ha-galera-config.html, scroll to "Database Configuration," note that bind-address is If MariaDB binds to the virtual IP address, then HAProxy can't bind to that address and therefore won't start. Right?

That is correct as far as my understanding goes.  By binding to port 3306 on all IPs (, you are effectively preventing HAProxy from being able to use port 3306 on its own IP and vice-versa.

Try setting specific bind addresses for your Galera nodes; I would be surprised and interested if it didn't work.
OpenStack Docs: Configuration<http://docs.openstack.org/ha-guide/controller-ha-galera-config.html>
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