[ClusterLabs] ELEMENTARY :: Please Help :: Getting error when building Pacemaker-1.1 from source

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Wed Mar 2 11:16:42 EST 2016

On 03/01/2016 11:24 PM, Sharat Joshi wrote:
> Hi List Folk,
> I am very new to Pacemaker and I am trying to build using sources.
> After successfully installing libqb and corosync under
> /disk1/software/libqb and /disk1/software/corosync and setting
> $ export
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/disk1/software/libqb/lib/pkgconfig:/disk1/software/corosync/lib/pkgconfig
> $./autogen.sh && ./configure --prefix=/disk1/software/pacemaker
> I try building the final peice Pacemaker and I get the following...
> configure: WARNING: Unable to support Corosync: corosync/libqb IPC
> libraries not found by pkg_config
> checking for supported stacks... configure: error: in
> `/disk1/software/pacemaker-1.1':
> configure: error: You must support at least one cluster stack (heartbeat or
> corosync)
> I am stuck in this error since a day now, Please help.
> Thanks,
> Sharat Joshi

Hi Sharat,

A few things to check:

Are you using recent versions of corosync (>=2) and libqb (>=0.17.0)?

Is a valid libqb.pc generated in /disk1/software/libqb/lib/pkgconfig?

If you run "pkg-config --cflags --libs libqb" manually after setting
PKG_CONFIG_PATH, does it print output?

Check the ./configure output for "checking for libqb..." and see if
there are any errors around there.

One thing to watch out for: you can install libqb, corosync, and
pacemaker anywhere, but the OCF standard mandates that resource agents
are installed under /usr/lib/ocf, and that path is hardcoded in multiple

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