[ClusterLabs] Corosync 2.3.6 is available at corosync.org!

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Thu Jun 16 08:22:11 EDT 2016


16.06.2016 14:09, Jan Friesse wrote:
> I am pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of Corosync
> 2.3.6 available immediately from our website at
> http://build.clusterlabs.org/corosync/releases/.
> Christine Caulfield (9):
>        Add some more RO keys

Is there a strong reason to make quorum.wait_for_all read-only?

In one of products I use the following (fully-automated) actions to 
migrate from one-node to two-node setup:

== mark second node "being joined"
* set quorum.wait_for_all to 0 to make cluster function if node is 
reboot/power is lost
* set quorum.two_node to 1
* Add second node to corosync.conf
* reload corosync on a first node
* configure fencing in pacemaker (for both nodes)
* copy corosync.{key,conf} to a second node
* enable/start corosync on the second node
* set quorum.wait_for_all to 1
* copy corosync.conf again to a second node
* reload corosync on both nodes
== Only at this point mark second node "joined"
* enable/start pacemaker on a second node

I realize that all is a little bit paranoid, but actually it is handy 
when you want to predict any problem you are not aware about yet.

Best regards,

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