[ClusterLabs] agent ocf:pacemaker:controld

Eric Ren zren at suse.com
Mon Jul 18 05:26:03 EDT 2016


On 07/18/2016 02:59 PM, Da Shi Cao wrote:
> dlm_controld is very tightly coupled with cman. I have built a cluster purely with pacemaker+corosync+fence_sanlock. But if agent ocf:pacemaker:controld is desired, dlm_controld must exist! I can only find it in cman.

Not sure I can understand this words:

  "But if agent ocf:pacemaker:controld is desired, dlm_controld must exist!"

You mean this?
1. dlm RA in pacemaker+corosync?
2. if so, dlm_controld exits in what circumstance? any symptom and logs?

> Can the command dlm_controld be obtained without bringing in cman?

DLM upstream hosted here:

The name of DLM on openSUSE is libdlm.

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> Dashi Cao
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