[ClusterLabs] Cluster failure

alian at amisw.com alian at amisw.com
Tue Dec 20 04:27:42 EST 2016

> I'm fairly new to Pacemaker and have a few questions about
> The following log event and why resources was removed from my cluster
> Right before the resources being killed SIGTERM I notice the following
> message.
> Dec 18 19:18:18 clusternode38.mf stonith-ng[10739]:   notice: On loss of
> CCM Quorum: Ignore
> What exactly does this mean

stonith: Shoot The Other Node In The Head
Quorum: just like democracy: If you have more than 2 node, half node + 1
choose if resource must be shoot or not.
As you have only 2 node quorum is disable.

> my resources recovered after a few minutes and
> did not fail over any idea what's going on here?

Can you post your crm configuration ?

> or documentation I can read that explains what exactly happened?


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