[ClusterLabs] Random failure with clone of IPaddr2

alian at amisw.com alian at amisw.com
Mon Dec 19 09:41:58 EST 2016


My problem is still here. I search but don't find. I try to change network
cable to put the 3 hosts together on same switch, but same problem.

So with this:

primitive ip_apache_localnet ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
  params ip="" \
  cidr_netmask="32" op monitor interval="30s"
clone cl_ip_apache_localnet ip_apache_localnet \
  meta globally-unique="true" clone-max="3" clone-node-max="3"

3 Nodes A B C.
If resource on:
A + B => ok
Only A => ok
Only B => ok
Only C => ok
A + C => random fail
B + C => random fail
A + B + C => random fail

When I say random fail, I do a curl I can see request
with tcpdump. I can reach all the three hosts. But 1 time on 6 or 7, the
curl request hang. I see with tcpdump the request get in, but no host
answer. I suspect host C but can't find why he don't do the job. If I
ctrl-c & redo the request, I got answer.

I check all firewall / log and don't see any error msg. If someone have a
clue, he's very welcome !

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